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Full Version: Problems with practice
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I apologise in advance for such a long email, but I have a great deal of concern about some of the results I am getting from my practice (following the free course).

I have been practicing for only eight days and for the first four days felt an energy and strength I have not felt in many years.

I have suffered from an immune suppressing illness for fourteen years now (some doctors believe it is caused by a retrovirus I have, similar to HIV). My immune system cannot properly fight viruses, bacteria and fungus and these remain in my body. As a result I have been without energy and very weak for many years and have mostly been in bed.

Also my cells and organs have been damaged, my kidneys especially and also my heart, brain and others.

I have accumulated high levels of mercury and other metals in my body due to problems with detoxification.

I have not been able to exercise for many years: if I have exercised, even gentle walking, I have become very ill and unable to get out of bed. I also tried to practice standing like a tree (also called standing like a pole) qigong and also taiji, but both only made my condition worse. For many years I have practiced meditation both for improvement of health and because of an interest in Buddhism and Taoism. I believe it has helped my health, but not greatly. It has, however, benefited the acceptance of my circumstances.

I began practicing for a short time in the mornings, and did not strain myself. After four days I began to hold the motion postures until I was unable to hold them any longer, as you advise in your study guide. I now practice for an hour and a half every morning.

When I began practicing I felt a new energy and a feeling of great happiness and was very calm, but also became unable to sleep for more than two or three hours.

On the second day I felt heat while sleeping, earlier than you describe in your book. Since the third day I began feeling a great amount of heat in my body, not at night, but during the day, especially in the evening before going to bed. This heat is strongest in my head and upper body.

I have also begun to sweat a great deal. Last night I awoke after three hours of sleep, drenched in sweat, although feeling cold. I feel heat and sweat during the exercises at the start of practice but not while performing the postures. After practice the heat disappears and I feel cold and crave a warm shower (although I do not take a warm shower, as you advise). The heat returns later in the day and has become stronger every day.

With this heat I sometimes experience headaches, dizziness, and other strange feelings in the head. I become clumsy and forgetful and find it difficult to concentrate.

I began to have feelings of qi after a few day of practice and two days ago gently moved the water wheel in sitting quietude (at the end of the practice) as you advise in the study guide. I did this for only three rotations and then fell into deep meditation. However I have not felt inclined to do so since.

Since yesterday I have felt a strong tingling in my hands all day, but it is good and a feeling of strength.

For the last two days I have experienced irritability when doing the exercises at the beginning of practice, but not while performing the postures.

During practice I feel pain in my kidneys during the medium and motion postures, stronger in the motion postures. There is also pain also after slapping the kidney area at the end of practice.

I feel very tired after practice and yesterday I slept for two hours. I experienced a very vivid nightmare and woke feeling fear, anger and aggression which lasted for perhaps one hour.

Am I doing something wrong or perhaps practicing too hard? Or are these things good or normal signs?

Again, I apologise for such a long email, but would very much appreciate any advice you can give me. I have a great deal of hope for the practice from the feelings of energy, strength and movement of qi. Therefore I do not want to stop practice but I am concerned about the other feelings I have described.

I sincerely thank you for your valuable time in considering this email.

Respectfully yours.
You are advised to take one Chhinese herbal medicine called liu Wei Di Huang Wan. It can help treat your Yin vacuity symptome (Chinese medicine term). You can easily find such ready-made medicine in a Chinese drugstore. Take it for 3-7 days and you can experience some changes for good.

Do well.
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