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Full Version: Is it possible to materialize ones chi as vapors of smoke through the hand?
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yes, is it possible to materialize ones chi as vapors of smoke through the
In ancient China there existed such arts. But most people prefer the arts of issuing invisible Chi, for treating ilness or health preservation or launch an attach to opponents. Some special Kungfu internal work like Nine-Yang Marvellous Internal Work, Nine-Yin Marvellous Canon, Crimson Iron Sand Palm and so on fall into such category.

Chi, to tell the truth, is one wave of energy in circulation, invisible and free of any symbolic entity, composing one principal part of life force. According to the different evolving phase people classify Chi into pre-heaven Chi and post-heaven Chi. In TCM theory, there are concepts like defensive Chi, nutritional Chi, etc. which belong to the subcategory of post-heaven Chi. Pre-heaven Chi comes forth with internal viscera from time to time but is prone to congealing into tangible Jing in case the contingent mind previals without constraint. So, for common people the tangible Jing (sperm) continues to come forth. Such congealing process and the eventual ejeculation is often termed as following the course (顺). For internal alchemy practice it advise to reverse the course (逆) and compounding the ingredients collected to go back to the original oneness.
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