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Full Version: An experiece of Qi?
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I had an experiece which I'd like to share and maybe hopefully you might be able o advise me on the matter.

I attended a martial arts class on invitation, and in 1 particular exercise, whilst holding on to my partners wrist as was required, I could feel a flow of 'energy' or might like a travelling light, being extended into my arms via the wrist and hand which was in contact my partners wrist. The sensation was an odd feeling, cause I'd never experienced something like that before, though painless, yet startling - like having little ants crawling up the bones of your hands and arms - that's the best I can describe it.

Would you consider this a form of qi extension or projection?

Thank you !
People have diverse sensation in response to the Chi and its flowing. There is no fixed pattern to formulate such feeling. I believe such odd feeling you described might have some connection with Qi and its projection. Perhaps inadvertently due to the focus of your intention then the Qi is to come up with it. In Taoism theory, Qi, you know, is prone to chasing after intention.
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