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Full Version: Two layers of heaven and earth, Yin and Yang altogether total four in number
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People often talk about “two layers of heaven and earth (or two layers of world), Yin and Yang total four in number.” What is the meaning? Is it just to make a mystery of sth? Many thanks in advance!
Oh, that is a big subject! Yet inner alchemy practitioners are advised to to gain an clear understanding upon it. From a metaphysical point of view there exists a realm called domain of void, yet from a physical point of view there has a realm called domain of form. Some scientists claim that, between the two domains, light makes up the barrier that separate them because the existence in the domain of form cannot move surpassing velocity of light while in the domain of void there has no such limits. However, I think this gets to the core of things partly.

In Taoist alchemy practice they hold the corporeal body is a miniature universe while in the same time there exists an enormous huge universe which some people call void-and-nobeing realm. In the miniature universe the corporeal body dominates while in the void-and-nobeing realm the dharma body dominates. In each of the domain there exists one set of Yin and Yang. So, there have four Yin and Yang in total. In fact, both corporeal body and dharma body have to communicate with each other and the interaction between them never stops, but to tell the truth, the interaction and communication becomes feeble and weaker when people grow up due the torrential waves of desires and delusion.

People can refer to the chapter one of Tao Te Ching for better understanding because it talks about details upon this subject. In the Yin Fu Scripture (阴符经) there has lots of wording of “stealing” since the alchemy practice advocates to have access to the aid from dharma body to supplement the corporeal body and people should know in the realm of void there has unlimited “energy and nutrition” that can support people in solving the issues of birth, death, illness and aging which keep modeling and formulating people’s life. So, people use “stealing” to describe the process. But how to steal and do you own the key? Where is the a breakthrough point that can open up a channel to connect the two domains to snatch up the infinite treasure to transform the destiny of the corporeal body? Yes, the Mysterious Pass (玄关) is the answer.
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