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Full Version: Typical Taoism terms as “Heaven” and “Earth”
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I often tumble upon the typical Taoism terms as “Heaven” and “Earth” when I read books in related category. Does the “heaven” mean the sky or universe? Does “earth” mean the earth planet we put foot upon? Thanks for the clarification in advance!
Partly it is correct, but from the perspective in a whole it is wrong. In most circumstances, “heaven” in Taoism indicates the void-and-nonbeing realm which encompasses so infinite emptiness that people’s thinking and reasoning sphere and capacity have already been lost in dust. Earth indicates the realm of form, a popular term in Buddhism theory. So, from its definition you can know it does not only mean the earth planet but also endless objects in cosmos. Yes, it is from earth people’s corporeal body derives and to which people’s corporeal body has to return. The soul, ethereal and void, comes from heaven and lodges into the corporeal body, composed by earth, water, fire and wind elements from earth, giveing arise to an sentient being called human. This is birth. When the journey ends, the soul departs the corporeal body and returns to the hollow and infinite heaven whereas the corporeal body decomposes and all elements return to the earth. This is death.
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