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Full Version: How to preserve Jing?
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I often do Qigong practice and I found, after a certain time of Qi cultivation, the Jing would become full and the ejeculation in the night would eventually happen. Then I have to do the cultivation again and such vicious circle seems to come at no stop. No Jing preservation, I know, there is no possibility for advancement to be expected in Qigong practice.

Could you please offer a solution that can effectively tackle the problem?
1. Please learn to practice some stretching movements that mainly get kidney, lower belly and genital areas involved for the effect to secure the Jing. They are physical movements but are important for beginners.

2. The ejaculation of Jing happens along its “accustomed route.” So, practitioners are advised to learn some methods to gradually change the “route” to terminate its discharging along the same route. This is also a must that practitioners have to learn.

3. Do practice to transform Jing into Chi when in need, in order to prevent its overflowing.

When the above three are dealt with well there will be no such “failure” happens again and again.
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