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Full Version: There is another big figure called Zhong Liquan (鐘離權) who was heard to be the teacher
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There is another big figure called Zhong Liquan (鐘離權) who was heard to be the teacher of Lu Dongbin. Can you give some introduction regarding him? Thanks in advance.
Zhongli Quan (Chinese: 鐘離權)is one of the most ancient of the Eight Immortals (some others say the oldest is Iron-crutch Li or Elder Zhang Guo, or Lü Dongbin) and the leader of the group. (Some people consider Lü Dongbin to be an informal leader.) He is also known as Zhongli of Han (Han Zhongli 漢鐘離) because he was said to be born during the Han Dynasty. He possesses a fan which has the magical ability of reviving the dead. So, his image often appears as a figure with chest and belly bare and holding a fan.

[Image: zhongliquan01.jpg]

Immortal Zhong Liquan Born in Yantai (燕台 Yàntái), Zhongli Quan was once a general serving in the army of the Han Dynasty. According to legends, bright beams of light filled the labour room during his birth. After birth he did not stop crying until seven full days had passed. Later Taoists celebrate his birthday on the fifteenth day of the fourth month of the Chinese Calendar.

In Taoism, he is known as "正陽祖師" (Zhèngyáng Zǔshī), literally the True-Yang Ancestor-Master. He is also called "Master of the Cloud-Chamber" (雲房先生) in accounts describing his encounter with Lü Dongbin before achieving immortality.

He has a rare Chinese compound surname, Zhongli (鐘離). He is one of three leaders of the group of the eight immortals.
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