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Full Version: Conserving the Generative Force (Jing)
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I am new to this website and to internal alchemy in general. I very much appreciate this website and all the good information given. I have read the related posts a few times, and I am sorry to say I did not quite understand it. Hopefully it is not a bother, but I just wanted to present a question. From my understanding, in order to develop essential nature and vitality, a practitioner needs to conserve their generative force(jing). I'm not sure if it is true, but I have read that during this process of alchemy a persons genital organ may retract. I say all of that to ask, what I am guessing is a dumb question. Is it possible to still have children during this process? or perhaps after immortality is achieved? Also, if a nocturnal emission happens, is all that has been gained before lost, or just postponed? Thanks for your time.

It seems that this same information is found here as well.

Step 15: Conceive a Foetus of the True Self (2) By Hu Xuezhi
"The sixth is being free from any fertilizing fluid (Jing), which signifies you have transformed all fertilizing fluid (Jing) into vita-vapour. In fact, you have already become possessed of the power of being free from fertilizing fluid (Jing) when your penis has shrunk all the way back into your belly and a piece of skin has grown to seal the hole."

Could someone shed any light on this?
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