Mount Hua -- Hua Shan

Mount Hua lies in the south of Hua Xian County, Shan'Xi Province. It belongs to Qin Ling Mount area, and in the east section. Most peaks are very steep and very difficult to climb. The south peak is the highest and at the top of it is a large pond in which there is very clear water never dry all year long. Many people come to pay their respect, even many emperors, such as emperor Tang Gaozhu, Tang Taizhong(Tang Dynasty). And the princess Jinxian, the daughter of emperor Rui Zhong(Tang Dynasty), once came to Mount Hua to pursue Tao. Thus emperor Tang Xuanzhong ordered the construction of Woman-Immortal Temple and Silver Cloud Monastery.

The famous Taoists like Zhong Liquan, Lu Yan, Liu Chao, Wang Chuyi, Hao Datong, Tan Chuduan once lived here. Chen Tuan, one of the founders of Taoism, lived here almost forty years, also, finishing writing many famous Taoism books.


Mount Huashan

Main hall of Spring Monastery

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huashan04.jpg (6558 bytes) Front gate of Spring Monastery

QingKe Grassplot

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huashan06.jpg (7907 bytes) Zhenyue Temple on the west peak

Statue of grand master Chen Tuan

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huashan08.jpg (6117 bytes) The tree planted by Chen Tuan in front of Shansun pavilion

Hall of God Thunder

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huashan10.jpg (6023 bytes) Immortals-Meeting Temple

The worry-Free Pavilion

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huashan12.jpg (6068 bytes) Stone boat

The magic axe with which Chen Xiang cleaved the mountain to rescuer his mother

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huashan14.jpg (4876 bytes) The tomb of Hua Tuo, the most famous Chinese doctor

Yang Xianzhou, a centenarian Taoist, also the head of Eastern Monastery

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