Originally, Ba Ji denotes the major points of the body: head, shoulders, elbows, hands, buttock, kua, knees, and feet and that "Ji" is extended to the eight polar directions.

Ba Ji Chuan is a powerful infighting style. The practitioners close into close range and simple quick powerful movements. Legend has it that Ba Ji Chuan and Ba Gua Chang where originally one art. The two styles complement each other. Ba Gua Chang is long ranged with sweeping arm movements like an eagle while Ba Ji is short ranged powerful linear movements like a bear or pouncing tiger.

Ba Ji earns its high reputation in China because of its violent, sudden release of explosive power combined with its simple, yet very efficient techniques. It owns up to three hundred years of development.

Imagine a situation in which there are four people holding your arms and your legs to the ground with a fifth person threatening to cut your arm off. You are sure to forget everything and try to escape from the four people. At this moment, even though you are a normal person, you may somehow be able to show a great power and successfully escape from the four people's control. But sometimes when you have an empty mind or a crazy mind, you forget the learned way and the natural power may readily surface. This power is one of the major treasures of Ba Ji Chuan.

The first Ba Ji power is the shoulder power. The second is the waist springing power. And the third is the stamping and dropping power. If somebody can use the internal Qi to coordinate these three sources to release power in a moment, the person will be great and any simple action will be extremely explosive and powerful enough to cause a big damage to an enemy.

Ba Ji Chuan is a very effective style not because it has some superior techniques. All the Ba Ji techniques are very simple, straight forward and solid. As an classical Ba Ji grappling technique, a Ba Ji Chuan practitioner can momentarily break the opponent arm by only grabe his arm and suddenly snap the whole body.

The major purpose of Ba Ji training is to develop the ultimate snapping power. After gaining this type of power, some very efficient techniques can be performed or applied. Therefore, Ba Ji Chuan power constitutes the foundation of Ba Ji system. Without this power, Baji techniques make no differences (or even worse) from other styles. The power is very violent and sharply released. A top Ba Ji master can suddenly move out of the way of a bullet from a close range handgun.

Ba Ji, like many other Kung Fu styles, is a complete system. Based on the core power, many striking, grappling, and throwing techniques are developed.

1. A typical Ba Ji striking technique is: walk in, drop body by stampping, suddenly snap the whole body when touching the target. Theoretically, this strike can generate an unlimited force.

2. Ba Ji grappling techniques are also simple. Inside a human body, there are many leverages interconnected by some joints. The joints can move in certain ranges. Any movement out of the ranges may break the joints. In Ba Ji offensive grappling, a practitioner can lock the opponent's certain leverage with the two sides of his body and suddenly snap the whole body to break the leverage. In the defensive grappling, if one side of the body is locked, a practitioner can put the other side of his body on the opponent and snap to forcibly escape from the lock.

3. Throwing Techniques, in other word, low body striking, are based on the Ba Ji footwork. A typical Ba Ji throwing technique is leg lock and body snap throw. Throwing is a fight for balance. The solid foot work and rotative body make these Ba Ji techniques very special.

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