Overlord's Spear is also called Yang Family Spear, and is heard that the founder of such popular Kung Fu weapon style may finally falls upon Yang Zong Bao, who was one member in the Yang Family and a famous worrior against the invasion by North Mongolian. Formerly such weapon forms were performed on horses to fight against the Mongolian herdsmen and later its application fields was widened to the fitness and combat on the ground. In most parts of China people can trace the influence of the style.

Such set of weapon forms comprehensively features flexible, natural, unrestrained and mighty qualities.
Some spear manipulating skills as pointing, thrusting, sweeping, blocking, punching are well performed to the maximum usage sphere. In addition, the form "Sudden Turning Back to Prickle" is so much known among general people that it forms the principal symbol for such weapon Kung Fu style.

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Such VCD is directed and presented by Chinese famous Kung Fu boxing coach Huang Da Xiong. For the aim of better understanding and mastering the essentials, such VCD adopts normal speed and slow speed presentation mode and videotape the coach's presentation from both the front and the back.




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