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NAME: Northern-Style Kicking and Boxing
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Northern Style Kicking and Boxing, one among five pricipal Northen Kung Fu schools, originated from Guan County, Shan Dong Province. The story has it that Cha Mi Er, an Muslim Kung Fu master, created such routines and later it began to be popular among Muslim minority people.

The main characters of such set of forms lies upon the combination of kicking and boxing techniques and controling skills. The whole set of forms looks intense and unrestrained with fine rhythm. Strampling, jumping, sudden turning and twisting are utilized many times which attracts the attention of many Kung Fu practitioners.

There are altogether ten sets of such style and here in the VCD the fifth sets was introduced because it incoporates most of the features belonging to the style. The performer is Ma Xiao Bin, the son of Ma Zhi Bin who once was a very great Kung Fu master. Ma Xiao Bin began his inheritor Kung Fu arts study at a very young age and owns a very profound foundation. Now he serves as a coach with New Oriental Kung Fu Schhol.

It is taught at slow motion and is also shown at normal speed. Each of the movement is labeled according to the style it was derived from. Some segments are reviewed for better understanding.


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