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NAME: Chuo Jiao Weapon
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Introduction of Chuo Jiao Weapon

Liu Xue Bo, born in County Lee, Hebei Province China Mainland, is a famous inheritor of Chinese Kung Fu schools Piercing Foot and Turning Boxing. Now, serving as vice chairman and honored commissioner with Beijing Martial Arts Association and president with Beijing Piercing Foot and Turning Boxing Research Association, he began his Martial Arts practice as early as the time when he was 10 years old and became an apprentice with Lee Yong He who was accomplished in Piercing Foot, Turning Boxing and DeeTang Boxing.

Later he continued the Kung Fu arts practice with Wu Bin Lou, prominent Whip-Manipulating master. Till now his Chinese Martial Arts practice career has been lasting for more than 60 years which made him a very accomplish martial arts master in today's China Kung Fu circle.

Liu Xue Bo has always been addicted to work of Martial arts proliferation and education in many parts of China, as well as the self improvement. Being at the age of more than 60, he still won the championship during the boxing arts competition among elder practitioners in Beijing.

In the long period lasting almost 20 years he gradually donated his long-reserved Piercing Foot, Turning Boxing and DeeTang Boxing routines, together with the accompanied weapon routines, to the society. Also, depending upon his long time practice experience he devoted much of his time working with unearthing lost rare martial arts schools and the description manuscript which totals more than 50 kinds, a great merit worth praise.

In such video VCD he showcases his weapon skills in Piercing Foot and Turning Boxing routines.

1. Back-touching-ground sword
2. Five-Tiger Twelve Forms of spear
3. Continuous Procession of Kwan-sword
4. Qingyun Straight Sord
5. Yin-yang Rapid Stick
6. Tiger-end Hook



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