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NAME: Buddhist's Boxing
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Buddhist's Boxing is one member among southern fist category and created by an unknown Buddhist monk. The main character is much using of fist forms but less in using leg.

In Such VCD, Yuan Bo Wang, the first coach with New Oriental Kung Fu Court, gives lecture and explanation upon this set of form routines and personally demonstrates every posture and how one follows into another. The following are contents the VCD contains:

1. First phase: Launching both fists, one step to offer presents, etc.
2. Second phase: nail fist, chop waist, etc.
3. Third phase: shooting fists when turning back, kicking forward to reach the hands, etc.
4. Fourth phase: turning hands, slapping palm, locking the throat, etc
5. Fifth phase: stick in to both sides, shooting right fist, etc
6. Sixth phase: golden cock standing high up, grasping for enemy when turning around, etc.
7. Seventh phase: stick in down right, tiger's claw, right sweeping leg, etc.
8. Eighth phase: clapping the foot's surface, double hands attack, etc
9. Ninth phase: spring leg out in right direction, cross forearms when turning around, etc.
10. Tenth phase: kicking left to split enemy, concurrent launching of two fists, etc.

Such CD is of English version and both the English subtitle and explanation can help practitioners well understand the key points of the ancient Kung Fu form.



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