Hong Quan is an important and basic routine which is regarded as the mother of all other Shaolin martial art forms. Coming from Guangzhou,and attributed to Hong Xiguan but probably created by Lu Acai and Tie Qiaosan (middle of 19th century), the most known practitionner of that style is Huang Feihong (1847 - 1924) reputed for his kicks and the power of its stances. The execution of each movement in Hong Quan falls on a straight line. There is no excessive running and leaping. Palm and fist strikes abide to the principle of "bending the arm without bending" and "straightening the arms without straightening" - a manifestation of the unification of the curved and the straight.Main features are as such: Seizing the opponent arm with one hand and striking with the other, often in "Tiger claws" hand form. The stances are rooted in the ground and generate a strong, stable power.

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NAME: Hong-Style Boxing (Hong Chuan)
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Mr. Huang Fei Da, the fourth generation inheritor of Hong Quan created by Huang Fei Hong, presents such set of Kung Fu forms from the beginning to the end in such VCD. It is suitable for Kung Fu practitioners to learn and master the arts.



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