Mojia Chuan can trace its origin to the place of Guang Dong and it is heard to be created by Shaolin monks 200 years ago. As a member of Southern Boxing, such set of boxing forms is characterized with fine and dense palm and fists combination, defense and assault integration, and valorous rapid changing footwork and stances, etc,.

In such VCD Yuan Bo Wang, the schoolmaster and coach of New Oriental Martial Arts School present and teach the whole set of such boxing forms which cover the following phases:

1.First Phase: Right Interposing Fists, left interposing Fist, Trampling Stance, Overlapping Palms.

2.Second Phase: Cat's Face Washing, Dragging Leg, Pushing Palm, Turning to Thrusting Fists.

3.Third Phase: Hook Fists, Shao Fists, Retreating to Thrust Fists

4.Fourth Phase: Step Forwarding to Catch, Stretching Leg to Thrust Fists, Spreading Net as Fisherman.

5.Fifth Phase Step Forward to Thrust Fists, Retreating to Thrust Fists, Tiger Praying Form.

6.Sixth Phase Kicking the Right Leg, Step Forward to Thrust Fists, Cross hands to chop

7.Seventh Phase Tangling Leg, Hook Fists When Grasping Ground, Hook Fist When Step Interleaves.

8.Eighth Phase: Trampling Leg to Thrust Fists, Transform Stances to Thrust Fists, Face Upward to Thrust Fists. Face Upward to Thrust Aside

9.Ninth Phase: Turn Around to Thrust Left, Leg Kicking to Thrust Fists, Spring Fists Right.

10.Tenth Phase Thrust Fists Two Sides, Thrust Leg to Chop, Draw In Steps.

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