Qingcheng Single Whip Boxing

Taoism has more than 2,000 years of history in China and Mount Qingcheng is one of the origination places and World Cultural Heritage. Qingcheng-style Wushu, as one integrated part of Qingcheng culture, also has more than 1,800 years of history. Qingcheng school Kung Fu is based upon ancient Taoism theory and gradually developed into its own special characters. So, in Kung Fu field, there circulates the saying In the South there is Wudang Kung Fu, in the North there is Shaolin Wushu, but to search for the origin you have to come up Mount Qingcheng. From this popular saying people can know the role Qingcheng Wushu plays.

Qingcheng Single Whip Boxing is also named as Sun-family-style single whip boxing. Because Qingcheng Single Whip Boxing occupies the position of tiger among Five Forms Boxing, we sometimes call it Qingcheng Tiger Boxing. However, it is not a Kung Fu routines imitating one animal, and differs much from the Tiger Boxing of Southern Shaolin Wuxing Quan. It features many fist techniques and few leg techniques. It specializes at excising attack nearby and stressing pushing, parrying and the quick changes of Yin and Yang. Qingcheng Single Whip Boxing uses no apparent foot techniques but there are hidden foot techniques. Its hand techniques mainly include beating with elbow, squeezing with shoulders, punching with double fists, and excising consecutive striking with palms, etc.

Liu Sui Bing is the famous contemporary successor of Qingcheng-style Kung Fu and the director of Qingcheng Wushu Association.

The teaching program is divided into many phases, in order to teach practitioners in a very quick way. Generally, the first is full demonstration of whole phase, then individual movement presentation, then movement application, then disciple gives a demonstration. It is English version.

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