Wudang Eight-Drunken-Immortal Sword

Wudang Kung Fu is one special internal martial arts form in China and enjoys the parallel position with Shaolin Kung Fu in Chinese Kung Fu field. Therefore comes the popular saying ¡°In the north respects paid to Shaoling Kung Fu; yet in the south honor should be given to Wudang Kung Fu.¡±

Zhang Sanfeng, the founder of inner Kung Fu, stayed there in history as a flying flag for Wudang Kung Fu. Just under the direction of this flying flag Wudang Kung Fu began to develop and gradually became rich in contents and looked mysterious from outside after many Kung Fu masters¡¯ hard working and donation. After hundreds years of development, Wudang Kung Fu incorporated much useful nutrition form ancient Kung Fu defence and offence theory, from the theory of I Ching, from the practice of achieving stillness and emptiness widely adopted in inner alchemy, and thus forming its own special features as summarizing the essentials, detouring to reach the core, nourishing Qi, concentrating attention, getting free of any frivolousness and rigidity. Accordingly, Wudang Kung Fu seems more to aspire for the full inner strength, the tremendous harmonization between hardness and softness, and the ever-changing position adapted for different circumstances.

Wudang Eight-Drunken-Immortal Sword is named after eight Taoist immortals. When in performance, the practitioner seems unstable by drinking too much liquor but keeps his steps stable, or he moves in drunken steps but keeps mind clear. He walks or runs about as if he has no specific target in mind, and remains slow in movements like cloud floating around, but sometimes start to move quickly as like a thunder in the sky. Practitioner attacks hard or withdraws quickly, always changing his directions and postures. This sword performance is described in a verse as follows: "What magic skills he has! His flying frightens the birds. His rolling on the ground catches no earth. He strikes as slow as light breezes without the sword exposed. But all of a sudden he is hidden in the light of the thrusting sword. This skill is learned from Lord."

You Xuan De is the fourteenth successor of Wudang Kung Fu. He is now the general director of Mount Wudang Taoism temples. In this VCD teaching program, You Xuan De gives individual movement explanation. His disciple You Xiao Long, You Cheng Long give presentation.

The teaching program is generally divided into many phases, in order to teach practitioners in a very quick way. Generally, the first is full demonstration of whole phase, then individual movement presentation, then movement application, then disciple gives a demonstration. It is English version.

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