Mount Lao Shan and the Temples

Mount Laoshan lies in the southwest of Shandong Peninsula, adjoining East Sea of China. The mountains, stones, pine trees and water falls are very strange in comparison with the common ones. Xu Fu once past the place on his errand of seeking Golden Elixir Pill for Emperor Qin Shihuang. Now there is a island called Xu Fudao in the sea before the Taiqing Temple.

Taiqing Temple was constructed by Zhang Lianfu, the governor of Rei Zhou in A.D.140. Later in 904, Zhang Zhexuan and Zhang Daochong came to the place and renovate the temples. Famous Taiji master Zhang Shanfeng came to the place two times and practiced his art in the Shanfeng Tower near the sea. Famous Taoist Qiu Chuji, Liu Changshen, together with their five colleagues, once lived in the place and created Quanzhen school of Taoism.

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Courtyard gate of Three Emperors Hall

Three Celestial Deities Hall

Watching the East Sea from the summit

Three Emperors Hall

Young Taoists performing martial arts

The tree in the courtyard of Three Officials Hall blossoms for half a year since mid-winter. It was planted by Famous Great master Zhang Shanfeng (in Ming Dynasty). It is said the flower is the incarnation of the Maiden Scarlet Snow. Readers can find the stories in the book Strange Tales from Liaozhai written by Pu Songling.

The tree is called Dragon-Head Elm. It was planted by Li Zhexuan, the famous Taoist priest in Tang Dynasty.

Guanyue Shrine. There used to be a pavilion in front of the shrine where the famous writer Pu Songling finished writing some stories of his book Strange Tales from Liaozhai

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