Louguan Terrace on Mount Zhongnan

Louguan Terrace is the most ancient temple where Taoism came into being. Chinese great thinker Lao Tzi once gave classes to his disciples in this place. It is about 25 kilometers southwest of the Zhouzhi county, Shan'xi Province, and 70 kilometers away from Xi'an, the famous Chinese cultural city in central China.

It is heard the gorvenner Yee'xi of Han' gu Pass one day beheld purple cloud floating east, meteors rushing west. He knew somebody was coming. Yes, Lao Tzi was passing the Han'gu Pass. So Yee' xi went forward to meet Lao Tzi and invited him to come to Louguan Terrace where He was invited to gave classes and Lao Tzi presented his works Tao De

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louguan01.jpg (4938 bytes)

A panoramic view of Louguan Terrace
Lao Tzi Hall louguan02.jpg (4763 bytes)

louguan03.jpg (5176 bytes) The front gate

Library wherein scriptures are stored louguan04.jpg (3612 bytes)

louguan05.jpg (4687 bytes) Statue of Lao Tzi

Two stone tablets upon which original Tao De Cannon is inscribed. One is Tao Cannon, One is De Cannon.
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louguan07.jpg (5410 bytes) The cypress and stone tablet to which Lao Tzi used to tie his ox

Stone ox in Tang Dynasty louguan08.jpg (5158 bytes)

louguan09.jpg (4161 bytes) The tomb of Lao Tzi

The furnace Lao Tzi used to preserve Golden Elixir Pill louguan10.jpg (2605 bytes)

louguan11.jpg (4892 bytes) The Taoist Mo is painting.

An old Taoist is reading ancient scriptures louguan12.jpg (5040 bytes)

louguan13.jpg (4632 bytes) A secluded lane in a bamboo grove



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