3 - 1. How to Set Up One Ju?
On August 20, 2000 one person dropped a visit. The time is 4:10PM.

A. The First Step:

People should learn such basic methods used for finding the Heavenly Stem and Earthly Branch and that is very important for the Dunjia divination. Here people should look for a Chinese lunar calender to find the Heavenly Stem and Earthly Branch of August 20, 2000. The result is: Xin-Si () year, Bing-Shen () month, Yi-Mou () day.

Then we should get to know the Heavenly Stem and Earthly Branch of the time 4:10PM. It is Jia-Shen () .

So, we get the result of Xin-Si () year, Bing-Shen () month, Yi-Mou () and Jia-Shen () time.




B.The Second Step:
By looking over the twenty-four solar terms we know it is the term of Beginning of Autumn. Beginning of Autumn is divided into three durations: upper period, middle period and lower period, each lasting 5 days. August 20, 2000 is within the middle period and the beginning mark of the middle period is August 19, 2000, it is Jia-Yin () day. For all the three periods, we should use 2,5 and 8 Ju, Yin Dun. Accordingly we know August 20, 2000 is number 5 Yin Dun Ju.

C. The Third Step:
Now we should proceed to arrange San Qi and Liu Yi in the nine palaces. Yin Dun Ju we should choose the number sequence of 9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 when we arrange San Qi and Liu Yi. Because it is number 5 Yin Dun Ju we should first place Jia-Zi (), the general, in the number 5 palace. Jia-Zi is hiding under Wu detachment, therefore we just write down Wu () in the number 5 palace. Then Ji () in number 4 palace, Geng () in number 3 palace, Xin () in number 2 palace, Ren () in number 1 palace, Gui () in number 9 palace, Ding () in number 8 palace, Bing () in number 7 palace, Yi () in number 6 palace. Please see the following figure which shows the Earthly Disk.

D. The Fourth Step
We should learn how to find the Zhi Fu () and Zhi Shi (), then arrange all Heavenly stars and eight Gates in the nine palace.
It is Jia-Shen time. Jian Shen itself is the beginning time for one time period and so we don't need to waste any time. The beginning time of Jia-Shen hides under Geng detachment in number 3 palace. Corresponding to number 3 it is nothing but Tian-Chong () Star which is the Zhi Fu (). Corresponding to number 3 it is Injury Gate () which is the Zhi Shi () .

E. The Fifth Step
Now we should arrange Heavenly stars in their regular sequence: Tian-Peng (), Tian-Ren (), Tian- Chong (), Tian-Fu (), Tian-Ying (), Tian- Rui () and Tian-Qin ()--they are always together--Tian-Zhu (), Tian-Xin () . They always line up in a clockwise sequence. Because it is Jia-Shen time which hides under the Liu Yi Geng () we should bring Geng with Tian-Chong (). Please see the figure which show how the Heavenly Stars arrange.

F. The Sixth Step
Now we should learn how to arrange eight Gates in nine palaces.
We know the Zhi-Fu () is Injury Gate () who dwells in number 3 palace. The regular sequence of eight Gates is as follows: Xiu (), Sheng (), Shang (), Du (), Jing (), Shi (), Jing (), Kai (). Then please see the following figure:

G: The Seventh Step
This step we should arrange eight Guards in nine palaces. Here we should know Zhi-Shi () always follow the Zhi-Fu () to find its starting point, then line up the regular sequence clockwise in Yang Dun Ju and counterclockwise in Yin Dun Ju. Zhi-Fu () is Injury Gate () who dwells in number 3 palace, so the starting point of eight Guards sequence will fall into number 3 palace, it is Zhi-Fu (). Because it is a Yin Dun Ju we should line up eight Guards counterclockwise as follows: Zhi-Fu (Zhi Fu), Teng-She(Teng She), Tai-Yin (Tai Yin), Liu He (Liu Ge), Bai-Hu (Gou Chen), Xuan-Wu (Zhu Que), Jiu-di (Jiu De), Jiu-tian (Jiu Tian). Please see the arrangement results in the following figure:

Till now we finish setting up one Ju based upon the time, day, month and year when the people come upon for one time of divination. Yes, there are other variety of Ju settings but here we generally adopt the most popular time-school Dunjia. Then people should learn how to analyze such Ju. Please click Next Page below for more inforamtion.


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