4 - 1. How to Analyze One Ju.
People should know the emblematic meaning of each sign used in one Ju and their interaction results. In one palace there stay Earthly disk, Heavenly disk, Human disk and eight Guards which summarize the possible influence that can have effects upon one situation. In ancient China, people hold the viewpoints that human beings are one part of the nature without any division. It is a complete entity. They also hold that the whole nature has its own pulse that beat continuously as like a human being. Ancient Chinese doctore can know the problem hidden in the body by feeling the pulse. Yet, how to feel the pulse of the nuture? And is it possible to do that?

Dunjia methods provide one tool for feeling the pulse of the nuture and from it some people can know something hidden in it. In fact, the Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches provide the very basic foundation for this to become true. The pulse of nature can show up with assorted presentation forms when tainted with different color and that is why Dunjia can offer so much useful tips when people want to know so many different things.




So, for the proper analysis of one Ju we have to know the meaning of each element staying in the nine palaces.

4 - 2. Eight Trigrams and Their Emblematic Meanings;
Chien Trigram ():

  • sky, sun, ice, hailstone and all that represents the behavior of heaven, sky, crown, etc.
  • president, father, the highest position, leader, old men, celebrities, goverment officials, male, senior, etc.
  • capital, big cities, places located high, impotant places, etc
  • northwest, high place
  • autumn, September, October, Beginning of winter, Xu-, Hai- in year, month, day and time in Chinese lunar calendar.
  • 1, 6, 4, 9
  • horse, elephant, lion, etc.
  • gold, jade, round objects, glass, fruits, cap, etc
  • head, right thigh, lung, bone, penis
  • white, red, brown
  • peppery taste

Kun Trigram ()

  • earth, cloudy day, foggy day, or all things that have the similar character of earth (tame, quiet, carry one all, noiseless, etc.)
  • princess, the first wife, the general people, mother, grandmother, old women, rural people, hypocrite, big belly, stingy people, the female, etc.
  • wildness, wild field, rural area, plain, etc.
  • southwest, north, lower position, the lowest lay.
  • June and July in Chinese lunar calendar, Wei- and Shen- in year, month, day and time in the lunar calendar system, Chen-, Xu-, Chou-, Wei- in year, month, day and time in lunar calendar system.
  • 2, 8, 5, 10
  • ox, female horse, cat, animals
  • cement, brick, clothes, soft things, things in earth, beef, food, pot, etc.
  • belly, right shoulder, spleen, stomach, muscle, female genital organ, etc.
  • yellow, black
  • sweet tast

There are very long pages for other six trigrams and people can find them in other websites.

4 - 3. Heavenly Stems and Their Emblematic Meanings:

Jia ()

  • wood, yang, east, bladder, head, sour, green, square, proud, hauty, become mainstay when it is its prime time, become useless when it is not its time for prime, become useless when incur much restriction, become homeless when it primes too much.

Yi ()

  • wood, yin, east, liver, nack, shoulder, pale green, sour sweet, tender. Becomes prosperous when its time come up, becomes withered when it is not its time for prime, capable to become a ridge beam but could not last long, tame, doctor, female, wife, etc.

Bing ()

  • fire, yang, south, small intestines, heart, chest, tongue, pale red, bitter taste, tame but adhere to own plan and ideas, Becomes astrocious and ruthless when its time is coming upon, becomes distressful when it is not its time for prime. Virgin, the third person in a marriage.

Please browse other websites to know more about the explanation.

4 - 4. Earthly Branches and Their Emblematic Meanings:

Zi ()

  • water, yang, north, pond, small river, women, theft, swallow, sweet potato, bat, snail, duckweed, etc. Stands for clever things and fortune when encountering fortune God and stands for obscene things or events when encountering evil God.

Please browse other websites to know more about the explanation.

5. The Relationship and Interaction when Elements in Heavenly Disk Meets Elements in Earthly Disk

5 - 1 Jia-Zi-Xu () in Heavenly Disk come upon to meet San Qi and Liu Yi in Earthly Disk.

  1. Jia-Zi-Wu () comes upon Jia-Zi-Wu () in Earthly Disk. All things are unprosperous, the road is obstructed. Suitable for defence.
  2. Jia-Zi-Wu () comes upon Yi () in Earthly Disk. Jia and Yi are wood, located in the east. Two dragons meet and all is prosperous.
  3. Jia-Zi-Wu () comes upon Bing () in Earthly Disk. Jia is green dragon, wood element, suitable for gendering Bing fire. The dragon turns its head and it means good for the things people planned.
  4. Jia-Zi-Wu () comes upon Ding () in Earthly Disk. Jia is green dragon, wood element, suitable for gendering Bing fire. It is suitable for paying a visit to big men in high position, good time for pursuring fame and fortune, but is easy to incur disputes when it is tomb time.

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