3 - 1 Make Up Three Transfers

3 - 1 - 1. Nine Methods Used for Making Up Three Transfers
Three Transfers include primary transfer, transit transfer and terminative transfer. Primary transfer describe the beginning phase of one thing or event, transit transfer the transitional changes and terminative transfer the results of the thing or event.

There are altogether nine methods used to make up the three transfers. We call them Jiu Zhong Men in Chinese. Nine methods are very important and practitioners should know they are the very basic methods and other 28 kinds of methods derive from the nine methods.

To learn the nine methods we should first get familiar with the five elements and their relationship, the 10 Heavenly Stems and 12 Earthly Branches and their relationship.

A. Restriction Between Five Elements
Metal restricts wood, wood restricts earth, earth restricts water, water restricts fire, fire restricts metal.
B. The Generating Relationship Between Five Elements
Metal generates water, water generates wood, wood generates fire, fire generates earth, earth generates metal.




C. Companion Between 10 Heavenly Stems
Jia () accompanies Ji (), Yi () accompanies Geng (), Bing () accompanies Xin (), Ding () accompanies Ren (), Wu () accompanies Gui ().


D. Companion Between 12 Earthly Branches
, , , , ,
accompanies to produce earth element, accompanies to produce wood element, accompanies to produce fire element, accompanies to produce metal element, accompanies to produce water element. accompanies to produce earth element. Please watch the figure below.










E. Conflict Between 12 Earthly Branches
, , , , ,
There exists Gui water in palace who will restrict Ding fire in Wu palace. Therefore has conflict with . There exists Shen wood in palace who will be restricted by Geng metal in Shen palace. Therefore there exists conflicts between and . In the same way people can get other results. Please watch the figure below:

F: The Companionship Between Three Earthly Branches
, and meet together to produce water Ju,
, and meet together to produce wood Ju,
, and meet together to produce fire Ju,
, and meet together to produce metal Ju.

Please see the figure below:

G: Harmful Relationship Between 12 Earthly Branches
harms , harms , harms .
harms , harms , harms
harms , harms .
harms , harms , harms , harms , when they meet each other.
Please see the figure below:


The following are nine methods: Zei-Ke (), Bi-Yong (), Se-Hai (), Yao-Ke (), Ang-Xing (), Ba-Zhuan (), Bie-Ze (), Fu-Yin () and Fan-Yin ().

3 - 1 - 2. Zei Ke ()

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