How to Learn Chinese Massage

Chinese massage, as one clinical branch of TCM, demands rich knowledge both in theory and practice. Professional massage doctors should have not only the knowledge of Western medicine, a good command of TCM diagnosis and treatment methods form upon an overall analysis of symptoms and signs, but also a good physical constitution and proficient manipulation techniques for clinical massage practice. So, the students in the massage line of TCM colleges in China must systematically study Classics on Massage, Theory on Massage Exercise, Manipula:ion of Massage, Basis of Massage, Massage Therapeutics, Children Massotherapy and other specialized courses. Moreover, they have to carry on strict physical exercise and technical training in manipulations.

In the study of basic medical courses, emphasis should be paid on the study of TCM theory as yin-yang, the five elements, ying-wei-qi-xue, channels and collaterals, viscera, causes of illnesses, four diagnostic methods and eight-principal-syndrome diagnosis and treatment based on overall analysis of symptoms and signs and on the study of anatomy, physiology, pathophysiology, pathoanatomy and physical diagnosis in Western medicine. Also required is the knowledge of the flowing courses of the fourteen regular channels and their relationship to the internal organs, the commonly used acupoints on the fourteen regular channels, the location of extra-ordinary points, the special points for massage, point selection, indications, human histology, motion function, etc.

In term of professional technical training, the first thing is to carry on such training step by step. During the training, attention should be paid not only to such things as strength, endurance, pliability and toughness but also to the psychological preparation, i. e., the strong will power and quality to bear hardships and strenuous work so as to get physically and psycologically prepared for the long-term professional massage work. Furthermore, stress should also be laid upon the serious study of the “movement structure" and "technical essentials" of various manipulations, and strict following-up of the training methods and steps, and assiduous and persevering practice of manipulating technique in its proper sequence so as to succeed in the three training phases as rice-bag training, human-body training and manipulating training for treating common diseases.

In a word, for those with rich knowledge of medical science, it is easy to succeed in practicing massage within a short time if there is a conscientious training, but difficult to reach a perfect command of the difficult manipulations such as single-finger massage, and rolling therapy without long-term training and practice.

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