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Category: One Cancer Patient's Medicial Record

Introduction: The following below is the medical record of Mr. Shi Bing Fu, a cancer patient with malignant lymphoma (Hodgkin's), who had successfull conqured the formidable disease by intensive Qigong practice for as long as a period of 10 years. In his so long detouring and unflinching course of battle with the disease Qigong practice help him to prolong his life expectancy at first, then conquer the disease. His personal experience gives a strong testimony of the effectiveness of Qigong practice, the great ancient healing art, and give brilliant light for the forwarding course of conquering cancer by alternative medicine. All medical staff are welcome to verify the authentic state of the materials we provided here. Please click links listed at the bottom of the page to read other information provided for him. We will publish more such successful cases to tell, to verify, the effectiveness of Qigong practice.

By Sujiatun Railway Hospital, Shenyang China 110101


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