Simple Qigong Excise Series

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Sit still and click teeth for two hours at midnight. When you have a mouthful of saliva, swallow it in several gulps. Pronounce such sounds as "he," "xu," "hu," "sou," "chui" and "xi." In so doing, you can get rid of diseases in the five zang organs.

Points to remember: lend an ear to yourself when you pronounce those sounds and prolong each of them as much as possible.

The six-character formula, or liuzijue in the Chinese language, is a traditional health-keeping excise in China. Based on the Wuxing principle and other theories, this excise has played a great part in curing diseases and improving health and is therefore practiced widely in China.

This excise has had several versions, and some of them should be done with tim and direction taken into account.

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