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Photo Gallery (2)

Many thanks for your interest in this very special journey to sacred Mount Wudang and its peculiar Taoism treasure Wudang Taoist internal alchemy study!

The following are some photos from the previous workshops or teaching activities:

1. Master Hu taught the group led by Solala in Wudang Taoist Kungfu Academy

group photo

2. Master Hu took a photo with Solala, the editor of magazine "The Empty Valley"


3. Master Hu met Paul J. Werbos, the United States Senator, on Mt. Wudang.
Paul J. Werbos was on his way touring Mt. Wudang and dropped in Wudang Taoist Kungfu Academy, to ask for the relationship between cognizing faculty and its cognizing object. Yes, most people get confused as to the relationship between heart-mind and its cognizing objects. In Taoism and Buddhism theory, there already offered the answer but people continue to get deluded because they lack the deep understanding on the details of view formation, the natures of perception and the properties of objects.

Master Hu and Senator Werbos

The following narration can quickly help solve the dilemma:
Two men sit opposite in meditation, each with the heart-mind pure and bright. Being pure indicates being free of disturbance; being bright denotes none to be obscured. Being free of disturbance while there is none to be obscured, where to find the contingent heart-mind (being conscious of the opposite)? It happens that a pleasing object presents itself in front and thereby the pleasing heart-mind arises; it happens that an unpleasing objects in manifestation and thereby an unpleasing heart-mind comes forth. On the assumption that pleasing heart-mind is inherent, he should manifest as the pleasing rather than unpleasing when unpleasing objects present themselves. From this, we can conclude that on account of nothing but the cognized objects there arise that of being capable of cognition; on account of nothing but that of being capable of cognition there comes the cognized objects. The desire for understanding the two ends get nothing but the emptiness.

4. Master Hu is teaching the workshops

5. Meditate a while when hiking half way

6. Meditate a while when hiking half way

7. Meditate a while when hiking half way

8. Pay respect to the deity

9. Pay respect to deity

10. Afternoon touring and hiking

11. Do Taoist Yoga within Central Temple

12. Collective Picture:


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