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Testimonials From Students

Many thanks for your interest in this very special journey to sacred Mount Wudang and its peculiar Taoism treasure Wudang Taoist internal alchemy study!

The following are some feedback from the students:

> -------Original Message-------
> From: Dee === <dee.dee@====.com>
> To: hu@damo-qigong.net
> Subject: Thank you for the alchemy retreat!
> Sent: Oct 13 '14 02:43
> Master Hu
> Thank you for sharing your wealth of information and teaching us on Mount
> Wudang. I so appreciate what you have offered us as students and helping us
> with our meditation practices and skills beyond the daily sessions
> (teaching and helping the entire time!). For me this was a great pilgrimage
> to a holy mountain with you as teacher, guide and mentor. I do hope to
> return again; in the meantime, I continue to meditate and work on myself
> internally. More than anything, it is the noisy, disruptive, sneaky mind in
> all "it's" manifestations in the senses, that I strive to quiet for a
> continuous time.
> Sincerely
> Dee ====
> Also - the workbook, is it ok to photocopy any of the pages? I ask because
> I have shared the workbook with my current TCM and Tai Chi teacher and he
> asked if he could photocopy any pages that he might find interesting - not
> for mass distribution or training or teaching or profit, but simply for his
> consumption.

Dear Master Hu.

After meditating and listening to your lectures I really fell
incredibly fine. It is really beautiful to every day and try to follow
your manners, this is dear to my heart. I decided to translate your
words to my language so many other people can know about your
teaching. I will send you special copy once it is made. Each sentence
of your lecture is like golden word that fall gently to my soul, so
fragrant, and full of grace, purity it is difficult to find correct
words to describe it. Practical meditation helps me to find myself.
Thank you 10000 times for all your words and grace. I’m sending you a
photo of sacred beings traveling with you. You are really blessed.

With profound respect,

Elizabeth / LI bai

The following are phots taken during the study











Hello Teacher Guan and Hu,

How are you? Brett told me so much about you and his trip. What an amazing life you have! It is great that youíre passing on the knowledge and wisdom to others. It is so fortunate that Brett got to meet you. I always wonder how much karma plays a role in all this!

Iíve also been suffering from the effects of glandular fever, but my illness was not as severe as Brettís. My main symptom has been tiredness. Iím a lot better now. However, I still tend to need a lot of sleep (10 hours) in order not to feel tired at all. Brett began to show me the practice yesterday (Sun). We did 2 sessions only yesterday.

In the first session yesterday, when I was in the beginning posture (Place Two Hands before Lower Abdomen), I felt a lot of saliva.

- Gradually, as we moved to other postures, my breathing was very slow and deep - the retention of my breath was a lot longer. This was very noticeable because my normal breathing tends to be shallow.

- There was a lilac colour (dark) that tended to fill the darkness that I was gazing into (Lower Dantian). The colour kept coming to fill any gap of darkness. Sometimes the colour was coming from the outer circle and going in. Sometimes the colour was coming out from the centre and spreading out. There were only a few times that the colour completely filled the darkness - the colour then was not strong, more like a haze and had a slight reddish tinge.

- I could feel tingling, electric sensations (qi, I guess) in different parts of the body. However, the feeling was cool, not warm. When I was in A Vulture Spreads its Wings posture, I felt strong wind going into my thumb and index finger of my right hand, making them both very full. However, the strong wind was still coolish. When I moved into the next posture (left hand in prayer position and right hand near the lower abdomen), I could feel the strong wind going into the middle finger of the right hand. This wind sensation was very strong, full and distinct - all the way to the fingertips, different from the tingling sensation.

- I felt energised after the session. My upper body felt light and my centre of gravity was low. What is surprising is that the salivation has been continuous even after the session and is still happening now on Monday. This is very unusual because especially since my illness, my mouth has been very dry. I found this absolutely amazing! Iíve never had so much saliva in my life!

In the second session yesterday (Sun), the darkness gradually turned into a haze of colour with a reddish tinge. The colour seemed to stay longer. Only a few times, gaps of darkness surfaced and patches of colour came to fill it up. When the darkness needed filling, the colour tended to be patches of lilac colour.

- I also heard a faint hissing sound for a while, as if little insects flapping their wings.

- I had the sensation of something (like air) stuck above my stomach. The sensation was released towards the latter part of the session.

- When I was in a variation of the Vulture Spreads its Wings position (palms facing up), I could feel the strong wind going into those 3 fingers of the right hand again and spreading also into the ring finger of the right hand. However, all the sensations I felt were still coolish. On the left palm, I could feel distinct sensation between the centre of my palm and the fingers.

- When I was in the next position (palms facing each other, left hand near lower abdomen and right hand just above chest height), I could feel qi on the back of my right hand and fingers. (When I did Standing qigong of embracing the tree, I felt warmth in the inside of my hand, but not the back of my hand.)

- I also felt strong tingling sensation in my head - as if atomised.

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- The sensation of qi was still coolish. I was surprised because I could usually feel warmth in the Standing qigong.

- At the end when I was collecting the qi to the lower Dantian, I could see the lilac colour again. There was a lilac colour circular patch in the centre, surrounded by darkness. The darkness was then surrounded by an outer circle of lilac colour. The lilac colour from the outer circle kept going into the lilac colour patch in the centre.
I felt energised after the session.

Much to my surprise, this morning (Mon) I woke up naturally at about 5.30am. I would usually be dead to the world sleeping. Waking up is not easy for me normally - it is very much like arising from death.

- I heard a faint hissing sound for a while again.

- The haze of colour was also more consistent - a bit denser, more whitish.

- When I was in another variation of the Vulture Spreads its Wings posture, one palm facing up and one palm facing down, I could feel that strong wind trying to get into the little finger of my right hand, but didnít quite get there. The wind is still coolish.
In fact, I felt very cold after my practice, as if I was getting sick. I slept for a long time (over 3 hours after the practice) and I felt very cold during my sleep. I even felt cold after I had waken up.

- When I woke up, I felt strong jing stirring just above my genital area, even though I still felt cold. This is not a normal feeling for me.

I aim to do two more sessions today.

Teacher Hu, thank you for your time. Your feedback will be very much appreciated. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Respectfully yours, Tony Anna

I recently joined the intensive DaMo Qigong & Taoist Meditation training course in the QianShan area of Northern China. It was like nothing I could imagine. The range of sensations during the practice of heat, movement, and vibrations and to some extent emotions is really amazing. I have been suffering from asthma for several years and my past training in qigong and Taiji Quan has never given me these sorts of results so quickly. The instructor, Mr. Hu Xuezhi, is really knowledgeable, and able to answer any question that I have had about Taoism and Qigong theory. The hotel is situated in a national park with mountains in all directions. Among the hills and temples are lovely places to visit between practices. It is an ideal place to sit in tranquility.

~ Ivor, P. Liverpool, England

Dear Hu laoshi,

thank you very much for answering. Today is the third day of my damo practice and I'm surprised by the effects. Because I did years of sitting meditation before and also some different yijinjing qigong it all feels familiar to me.

The 3 hours daily practice is a kind of gongfu, hard work, but it's o.k.. I never felt my dantian so hot like these days. But it feels comfortable, especially in the B positions the flowing from middle to lower dantian feels great.

The first time in my practice I felt the complete du channel completely warm uprising until the forehead. I only have some problems to keep my mind in stillness because I'm busy with my arms.
But I think this is a question of time until I'm more familiar with the damo qigong.
Thank you for contacting me.

Just my pleasure. It's great for me to get corrections and suggestions to my learning practice and I'm thankful for that.

S.H. Philips, from Germany.

Dear master Guan, master Hu WeiZhi:

I started the 49 posture practice yesterday. After practicing for about 45 minutes a ball of Qi started to move up my Du channel and then down my Ren channel. It moved quickly taking only a few seconds for one course then it stopped after about 2 minutes. I felt very quiet and peaceful. Today's practice was more like it usually is when learning a new form. Patricia also started today.

Our plan is to work up to doing the whole set each day in three sessions, 1/3 of the 49 at each session, then once we are familiar enough we can be more flexible with the practice. Does this sound OK to you?

Also are there any herbs that you would recommend for us to take to build our Jing and Qi so that we are more ready for the training?

Sorry for so many questions, but since our time there will be short we want to be as prepared as possible with out being too focused on any particular outcome.


Jean Duplux, CA, USA

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