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Painting: Listen to Zither Playing


The painting's background was handled very concisely. Behind the protagonist is a tree, with luxuriant longissima clinging. Under the pine tree are a number of bamboo culm, verdant, swaying. In addition to piano case, only a few incense burning on the incense burner. Opposite to protagonist is a small and exquisite stone on which stands a small tripod, with the flower shoots within. This painting make people feel that this is a high level park, carefully tailored by the painter. All sets as well as the position of the minor characters are arranged around the protagonist's performance. The of the whole picture makes people feel the atmosphere in the stillness, and get on the bursts of sound of the piano, together with the sound of the breeze stirred the pine leaves. A poem from Bai Juyi can well describe the beaut: "the sound of silence.".

Whole painting: width: 45cm, height: 182cm
[Author]: Zhao Ji, Northern Song Dynasty,
[Material]: painting paper made from from rice stalk, silk cloth as background material
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