Huang Shan Introduction

According to the legend, Huang Shan was the place where the ancient king Huang Di used to study. The entire mountain is around 250 square miles in area, and the summit (Lian Hua Ling) levels at 1873 meters above sea level. Huang Shan is regarded as one of the best attractive mountain in China for its rare pine trees, unusual rock formations, scenary of sea clouds, hot springs, etc.

The main scenery of Huang Shan comprised of two lakes, three waterfalls, 24 creeks and 72 peaks. Among them, the 'Tiando Peak' is amazingly steep, with a flat top surrounded by wrestling clouds. It was nicknamed the 'Gathering Place of Fairies'. The 'Welcoming Pine' is the most well known of the 'Ten Pines of Huang Shan'. It looks like a vivid dragon. After thousands of years, this pine tree is still rich in life vigor in welcoming everyone to this tourist attraction. The cloud of sea in Huang Shan can be divided into the 'Yellow Sea', 'Sea of Heaven', 'Front Sea', 'Back Sea', 'West Sea', and 'North Sea'. The source of Huang Shan's hot springs came from the 'Zhusha Peak'. The temperature of the hot spring is about 42 C year round.

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