Lao Shan Introduction

Mt. Laoshan, known as "the best-known mountain by the sea" and "home of gods", stands 1133 meters high above the Yellow Sea. The crystal-clear Laoshan spring water used in brewing Qingdao Beer richly contains minerals and is helpful to people's health. Mt. Laoshan, being a full-of-fairy-stories piece of land, is well deserved for traveling and learning the great Chinese Qriental culture Taoism.

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The VCD introducing Lao Shan or Mount Lao is one member of Travel in China CD Series and in it a comprehensive presentation of the landscapes, the Taoism temples, the clear water falls, the still retreat places, the noisy visting spots, the legendary sites connected with ancient immortals, etc(see the pictures on the right), can bring audience an almost personal experience in the sites.

Such CD is of English version and both the English subtitle and explanation by the guide can help you well understand what you see.



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