Mount YujingYuJing Peak

Common people give the peak another name Guanpingjian, denoting the peak piercing high upward into sky like a needle. There are Chinese characters inscribed along the top stone body surface. The top place is around 10 square meters wide, much similar to a chessboard. It is heard the great Taoism master Lao Tzi once played chess with several immortals here. The whole YuJing peak body looks so imposing that many visitors are afraid to move around for all cliffs drop directly almost hundreds meters deep. But sometimes the waving clouds and peak points seem to be near at hand yet no one dear stretch out hand to feel them for the legs are shaking. When it is clear all around, the deep green peaks and the wonderful scenery bewilder your eyes and it seems you are now an immortal walking upon clouds.

Sanqign Temple

Sanqing Temple stations half way down the YuJing Peak. In Eastern Jin Dynasty, GeHong, accompanied by Li Shangshu, constructed a shabby house here practicing alchemitry. When time elapsed to reach Tang Dynasty, Lao Tzi Temple was built and the name of Sanqing Blessings Places came into being. The statues of Shi Xianjun, Immortal-ge, Li Shangshu, Golden Virgin Boy and Golden Virgin Girl gradually displayed in the temple in Yuan Dynasty. In Qing Dynasty (1813 A.C), the temple got on fire and collapsed. Later Taoists used the donated money and material to rebuild it by the size remained small in comparison.

Taoist Deliverance Pagota

Taoist Deliverance Pagoda is located in front of Sanqing Temple and near at right side. It is in fact an tomb of Taoist Zan Biyun. The whole building looks grand and the construction material is granites. The longitude is 30 meters and width 9.5 meters. Stone wall and stone gates surround the pagoda and the tablet high up reads “Zan Biyun’s Relic Hoard Place.” There lay 12 stone steps before the tomb and at the end of the steps lay the stone-latticed sacrifice platform. Behind the platform lies the dome tomb.

Python Peak.

Python Peak is located in the south of three highest peaks, facing directly Goddess Peak. It rushes 120 meters high individually, much like a python. The top and middle parts differ in size, thus making a vivid posture imitating a python rushing forward. It seems to get up upon its own legs so vigorously that you will feel it can overcome all in an instant.

Goddess Peak

It is the ultimate scenery sight in Mount Sanqing and stays south of three peaks facing directly Yujing Peak. Viewing it from all perspective, it always looks like a beautiful shy girl, plump, small enticing mouth, delicate round chin and high nose ridge, sitting cross legged meditating there for thousands of years. There is a folk tale circulating among general people saying the girl was a daughter of an old herb picker. She informed the local people of the news that the Emperor Pear had a plan transforming the Mount Sanqing into an ocean and the local people into fish. As a punishment, the girl was transformed into a stone peak.

Peak in Fairy Land

This peak presents itself west of the Yan Long Peak, piercing straightly upward into sky. The peak body around is of nothing but cliffs which falls hundreds meters deep. So, no people ever climbed up. Yet, attached their roots to the stones apertures many pine trees pose their elegant sculptures facing waving clouds, moist and wind.

Heaven Gate Peak

Located northwest of Yujing Peak, facing LingGui Peak, Heaven Gate Peak gets its name due to the peak-formed gate. It is 1568 meters in altitude and because it is very difficult to reach the peak the ancient people left Chinese characters upon the large stone wall saying “Heaven Ladder.” High up at the top is a level granite terrace around a hundred square meters. Projecting your eyesight into far off you can enjoy lots of enchanting sceneries.