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Hepatitis C Recovery Capsule: Successful Case Report 2

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The following below are five successful cases we choose to demonstrate the effectiveness of the medicine Hepatitis Recovery Capsule. We will publish more such reports after getting permission from more patients.

Case 2

Name: Shu Mo. Aged 18, living in Henan Province. Began taking the medicine in 2001. Checked the HCV RNA level in the First Affiliation Hospital of Xinxiang Medical Institute on March 18, 2002 and the result is 1.79 X 10 5 IU / ml. Continue taking the medicine and checked HCV RNA level again in the same hospital on May 8, 2002 and the result was 4.9 X 10 4 IU / ml. On October 16, 2002 checked HCV RNA level again and the results was 0 IU / ml. No relapse later on. The symptoms such as fatigue, poor appetite,vague pain with liver disappeared in 2 months time.

HCV RNA testing positive on July 10, 2001

RIA Assay reports on July 10, 2001

HCV RNA level 3.3 X 10 2 IU / ml on July 12. 2002.

HCV RNA level 0 IU / ml