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How to Travel to Mt. Wudang

1. Understanding the Location of Mt. Wudang

To reach Mt. Wudang please first understand the relative location of Mt. Wudang in relation to the big cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Xi' An, ShenZhen, Hong kong which are the transfer destination for your further trip to Mt. Wudang. So, please closely survey the following map before make a decision for the travel by airplane, train, bus or their random combination.

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2. How to get to Mt. Wudang

Please survey the following direction map to plan a easy and convenient trip for you. Please feel free to contact us at if you have any doubt or question.

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for details click here for details click here


3. The details for your further trip

The following train timetable is updated on December 4, 2009. Hopefully it can facilitate your trip.

Train No. Depart From Departing Time Arrival At Arrival
(Sleeping Ticket-Second Class)
From Beijing
T9 Beijing Western Station 15:19 PM ShiYan
06:27 AM
(Next Day)
USD 39
K279 Beijing Western Station 17:01 PM Wudang Shan
13:37 PM
(Next Day)
USD 38
K589 Beijing Western Station 10:30 PM Wudang Shan
5:43 PM
(Next Day)
USD 37
From Shanghai
K283 / K282 Shanghai
20:40 PM
Wudang Shan
18:31 PM
(Next Day)
USD 45
K351 / K354 Southern Shanghai 17:37 PM Wudang Shan
16:04 PM
(Next Day)
USD 53
K356 / K357 GuangZhou 10:50 AM Wudang Shan
05:10 AM
(Next Day)
USD 42
Wuhan City (the best way is to take bus at present)
T6772 / T6773 WuChang
8:58 AM Wudang Shan
14:02 PM USD 18
K961 Han Kou 10:35 AM Wudang Shan
17:01 PM USD 17
K8121 Han Kou 11:10 AM Wudang Shan
17:27 PM USD 20
Chengdu City
K962 Chengdu 16:20 PM Wudang Shan
8:40 AM
(Next day)
USD 23
K206/K207 Chengdu 16:29 PM Wudang Shan
10:41 AM
(Next day)
USD 24
K352/K353 Chengdu 23:22 PM Wudang Shan
13:22 PM
(Next day)
USD 24


  1. For people who fly to Xiangfan Airport please contact us and we'd like to suggest a travel agent for your temporary stay overnight in Xiangfan City before heading to Mt. Wudang the next day by bus which is very convenient due to the intensive bus departs in daytime. Most such flights arrive Xiangfan Airport late in the afternoon and you need two hours of drive to reach Wudang and Wudang Scenery Zone close the door before 7:00 pm.
  2. Wudang Town is the closest station located at the foot of Mt. Wudang. But because it is a small train station and many trains do not stop at it.
  3. Liou Lee Ping is about 15 minutes drive from Mt. Wudang Town. It is also a small train station but larger than Wudang Town station.
  4. ShiYan City is the relatively large train station. It is about one hour's drive from Wudang Town.
  5. Foreigners are advised to flight to Beijing, Shanghai or GuangZhou which are largest cities in China. Then take the express train, buy sleeping ticket, lie down in the four - six persons cabinet to sleep, to arrive at Mt. Wudang in an easy way. Though it is a long time travel, but you can do sight seeing or just lie down to rest. It is not a tiring travel. Some people may think about air flight to Wuhan or Xiangfan, but in consideration of the inconvenience that may cause in getting aboard the airplane and going to unknown cities to find succeeding saloon bus or train heading Wudang, we here sincerely suggest the transportation tools of train, which is safe and free of much trouble even though slow. We have travel agents located in Beijing and Wuhan and they can help to book the ticket in advance.

4. Useful Chinese for Your Journey to China

  • Hello – nee-how
  • Good bye – dsai-jin
  • Excuse me – dwee-boo-chee
  • Thank you – shie-shie
  • Please - ching
  • Never mind – boo-yao-jin
  • I understand – wo dong le
  • I don't understand – wo boo dong
  • Where is it – ta dsai na-r
  • How much is it (cost) – duo-shao-chian
  • Do you speak English – nee hway shuo ying-yu ma
  • My name is – wo shing
  • Pleased to meet you – shing hway
  • What's your name – nin gway shing
  • How are you – shen-tee hao ma
  • Fine, thanks. And you – hen hao, shie-shie. Nee ne
  • America – may-guo
  • China – jong-guo
  • What a lovely day – tian-chee jen-hao
  • That was a lovely meal – jer-dwun fan ch-de hen shoo-foo
  • Leave me alone please – ching nee dso ba
  • You look great – nee jen piao-liarng
  • See you soon – hway-jian
  • Help – lai-ren na!
  • Go away – dso-kai!
  • Leave me alone – doo-yao chan wo!
  • Stop thief – jwaa-dsay
  • I'm ill – wo shung-bing le
  • I'm lost – wo mee-loo le


    0 – ling
    1 – yee
    2 – er (liarng)
    3 – san
    4 – s
    5 – woo
    6 – lio
    7 – chee
    8 – ba
    9 - jio
    10 - sh
    100 – yee-bai
    1,000 – yee-chian
    10,000 – yee-wan