to experience Taoist life in Mt. Wudang temples

Six-Day Residing with Dao >> the Faculty

To better prepare the the program, Wudang Taoism Association and Wudang Taoist Kungfu Academy assign the prominent Taoists to conduct the proceedings and guide the daily activity of the group attendants. The following lists the Taoist priests and masters that take the responsibility:

Master Wang Daoke
Born in a noble family of traditional chinese medicine at Luming Mountain, Henan Province,he began to study Chinese herbal medicine under the direction by his father since childhood. He continued to concentrate on the science of herbal medicine and master the knowledge of collecting, cultivating herbal medicine and prescribing medicine to treat illed people.

Taoist Wang


He came to Mountain Wudang to become a Taoist since 1983. To study Taoism he stayed far away from gains and fame which stand as essentials in profane world. He dedicated himself to study of Taoist philosophy, Wudang Taoism and Wudang Kungfu for so long time that he gained so much fame among local people for his attainment that many overseas people know his name now.

During 1988 to 1996, as an old accomplished Taoist, he served as the committee director of TaiHe temple in Wudang Mountain.

During 1998 to 2003, he was managing director of Xu Di Palace of Yuntai Mountain and Sanxuan Temple of Jingmen City.

From 2003 till today, he returned to Wudang Mountain and has been doing the research of Taoist medicine, Qigong, I- Ching, Wudang Kungfu and so on.

He has published two books “The useful medicine and their nature”, “12 fine ways for health care.

Master Guan
Guan Yongxing was born in Fuyang City, Henan Province. He started to learn kungfu in a local martial arts school at the age 11. At the age 13, he was selected to be a member of Wudang Kungfu Troupe due to his outstanding Kungfu capability and hard work. He went abroad with the troupe to propagate Wudang Wushu and its special culture for several years. He performed very well in 2001 and 2002, attended the kungfu championship held by Henan Province and Zhengzhou City respectively, and got two winners and runners-up.

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In July 2001, he was selected as a prominent member of government kungfu delegation to take part in the second session of kungfu exhibition and was honored as “ the national outstanding Kungfu practitioner”. He has been invited many times to give performances to many national leaders.

He is responsible for the teaching of Wudang Tai Chi Chuan and Taoist Yoga.

May Tao is with you forever!