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NAME: Wudang Kung Fu Series-- Songxi Rapid Boxing
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Wu Dang Kung Fu, a prominent school in Chinese Kung Fu, is well known for its unfathomed fighting theory and internal strength training and handling skills. The routine form sets and the weapon manipulation system often convey to people the intangible force which in many cases scare the enemy a lots before the start of fight. Thus Wudang Kung Fu enjoys an unparalleled position in Kung Fu circle, in some way.

Song-Brook Short Boxing is a mysterious form set that kept hidden for a long time and in fact, it is of category of Internal Kung Fu. The 54 forms consist of the whole set and each one is simple and be free from any extravagance, The softness and hardness is well mixed in every posture and movement, the steadiness and rapidness is melted into each other, together with intrepidity and fierceness, they characterize the whole form set. To gain the predominance often take the advantages of any opportunities. Approaching and attacking by elbow, pointing the key acupoints to let the enemy feel numb, grasping key joints to make enemy move difficult, and thwart and obstruct the normal operation of bone and sinew to make enemy fold its own hand and await destruction, etc. The skilled performer's demonstration often give audience the impression of cloud flying over in the sky and clear water rushing fluently away. How unrestrained and easy such set is, you may sigh!

The important postures have been chosen for individual presentation and explanation, then every phase will be reviewed for times till they can joint into one. Such compilation can help practitioner quickly master the essentials and decrease the risk of walking the crooked road. So, it is a very excellent teaching video CD to promote and carry forward the Wu Dang Kung Fu.



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