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NAME: Wudang Kung Fu Series-- Virgin-Boy Kung
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Wu Dang Kung Fu, a prominent school in Chinese Kung Fu, is well known for its unfathomed fighting theory and internal strength training and handling skills. The routine form sets and the weapon manipulation system often convey to people the intangible force which in many cases scare the enemy a lots. Thus Wudang Kung Fu enjoys an unparalleled position

Wu Dang Virgin Boy Kung Fu is a mysterious routine set that kept hidden for a long time and in fact, it is of category of Internal Kung Fu. It contains three parts: Inhale and Exhale Technique, Daoyin Technique, Attack Dodging Technique. In them Daoyin is an ancient art that utilize human's internal energy to drive away all blocks along channels and collaterals. From this we can conclude that the Virgin Boy Kung Fu is more like qigong practice which puts much attention upon the cultivation of internal energy the basis for any external Kung fu. Virgin Boy Kung Fu emphasize the training towards internal organs and bowels and the coordinated collaboration between mind-will and movements. Practicing such art for a period the late silent awaiting can quickly change to fighting first which can easily defeat enemy by the surprise attack.

Such VCD covers the following contents:
A. Wu Dang Virgin Boy Kung Fu
1. Inhale and Exhale Technique
2. Daoyin Technique
3. Attack Dodging Technique

B. Eight Trigram Iron Forearms Kung Fu
C. Five Element Palm and Ba Gua Palm

The important postures have been chosen for individual presentation and explanation, then every phase will be reviewed for times till they can joint into one. Such compilation can help practitioner quickly master the essentials and decrease the risk of walking the crooked road. So, it is a very excellent teaching video CD to promote and carry forward the Wu Dang Kung Fu.


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